Technology Description

WhyCry® Mini Technology

WhyCry® Mini marks a new era in the evolution of communication while helping stimulate the correct emotional and intellectual development of your baby from the first day of its life.

Resulting from more than a decade of study on baby communication patterns, WhyCry® Mini places the results of scientific research into your hands so you can understand what your baby is telling you.

WhyCry® Mini contains a Digital Signal Processor that takes a sample of your baby's cry and compares it to the five universal cry patterns identified by scientists as hunger, boredom, discomfort (annoyance), tiredness and stress.

The Digital Signal Processor matches the frequency, intensity, repetition, duration, magnitude and other variables to data contained in a microchip within. The processor takes approximately 10-20 seconds to evaluate and diagnose why a baby is crying. Fluctuation in time depends on the noise and distance of the baby to the device.

Tested globally by doctors and scholars, WhyCry® Mini had proven to be 95% accurate in determining why a baby is crying when used with the Baby Movement Chart included with the product. However, WhyCry® Mini is not intended to replace attention by parents or caregivers. In order to maintain accuracy, it is also suggested that you respond quickly to your baby's needs to appease your baby.

Combining WhyCry® Mini and maternal instinct gives you the edge you need to stimulate and respond to your baby and nurture its development.