Benefits of WhyCry

Benefits of WhyCry® Mini

The sense of security and well-being your baby develops in its first few months will impact it for the rest of its life. When your baby is born, a strong bond will develop between the baby and caregiver. After birth, it is crucial for you to observe, interpret, and provide proper stimulation to your baby. Giving the right stimulation makes your baby happy and allows it to develop emotionally and intellectually.

WhyCry® Mini takes the guesswork out of a babies cry, enabling you to respond quickly to your baby's needs. In time, This will create a peaceful and serene home for you and your baby.

There are many other benefits of using WhyCry® Mini, which include:

Assistance in understanding your baby: By learning to correctly read your baby's feelings and emotions, you are helping the baby feel safe and secure. WhyCry® Mini helps you tend to your baby's needs correctly, feeding it when it's hungry and stimulating it when bored.

Helps you nurture its intellectual and emotional development: From the very day your baby is born, it begins the learning process. Everything it sees, hears, feels and smells generates a link between its brain and nervous system.¹ Studies show that correctly interpreting your baby's communication helps produce more neuronal connections. Stimulation activates brain activity.² WhyCry® Mini helps you understand your baby and provide appropriate stimulation in response to your baby's needs.

Reduces stress at home:A crying baby causes tension, anxiety and many sleepless nights. Incessant cries having even led some parents and care providers to temporarily lose control and shake the baby, causing severe physical damage. WhyCry® Mini helps you identify why your baby is crying from the moment it begins, enabling you to comfort your baby quickly and avoid stress, anxiety and frustration.

Improves the relationship between parent and child: Your relationship with your child begins the day it is born. Tending to your baby appropriately fosters a deeper bond that will last a lifetime. WhyCry® Mini helps you respond appropriately to your baby's cry, creating trust.

Helps caregivers other than you tend to your child correctly: Leaving your baby with a relative, friend or caregiver can be a source of concern for parent. WhyCry® Mini allows you to feel at ease knowing that your baby's needs will be met even when you aren't around.

Help those who are hearing impaired or deaf to care for a child: Sometimes, leaving a baby with a grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle who is hearing impaired is difficult. If hearing impairment hinders comprehension of a baby's cry, establishing close bonds between the baby and relatives may be more challenging. WhyCry® Mini allows those who are hearing impaired to enjoy and understand a new member of the family with confidence.

¹ Dr. Peter Huttenlocher, neurologist, Chicago Univesity
² Dr. Harry Chugani Wayne State University